July 2011



Setting the table is an easy and fun lesson that should be taught to children at a very early age. In fact, my eldest granddaughter has been setting the table since she was four years old. This is a lesson that allows parent and children time together at least once a day and, in today’s busy world, that is a precious gift. It teaches a child responsibility and at the same time, it assists in the very important lesson of good table manners. When I was a child and it was my turn to place the flatware on the table, my grandmother would say, ‘start with the outer and work yourself inner; the pieces on top you use after dinner’. Think about this… if you have two forks on the left of your plate, the first fork on the left will be the first piece of silverware used. Then, when dinner is over and it is time for dessert, you will use the fork or spoon that has been placed at the top of your meal space as your dessert utensil. Remember to place the blade of the dinner knife towards the dinner plate on the right. When dining out, just by looking at the flatware placed in your meal space, you can determine how many courses will be served. Start with the outer and work yourself inner – those pieces on top you use after dinner. 

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